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Smug and Ted

Warmed up 3 K, arrived at the starting line 5 mins before the gun. A few really fast guys in the front made me realize that anything in top 20 would be a dream.

Went out together with Ted who was kind enough to stick with me for the first half of the race. At the first water station, I dropped my key on the ground and had to spend 5 seconds picking it up. Bad timing. I probably lost 10 sec doing that. 10 sec which would become precious later on.

This course’s elevation profile was so extreme that I’ve never run anything like it. Maybe the preview of the course that we did in August was similar, but I’m quite positive that this one had so many more hills, albeit they were not as long. The best way to describe this is maybe rolling hills. Which means hardly no flat parts at all. Coach Hep ( Ben, also race director ) told me that you can take the time from this course and double it, and then you have your marathon time on a flat course.

Thus I was sure that sub 1.20 would equal a 2.38 on a marathon. 2.38 is pretty darn fast.

Ted had a great day and I wasn’t able to stay with him after mile 7. Things also got rougher when I got a bad stitch after mile 10- just as I got a few weeks ago on a long threshold run.

So running up Henderson was painful. My legs felt really good but my stomach was in great pain. Had a sip of water and it somehow disappeared.

Smug just after the stitch went away

When I had 2 miles to go I started to feel really good again, so I wasn’t passed by anyone from there to the finish.

Finished strong up 17th street and was happy to have done a solid workout.

Crossed the finish line at 1.20.09, and the similarities with last year’s 1/2 marathon race in the Hague are striking. My time in that race was 1.30.08. In other words, there’s still room for improvement during the year. I look forward to continue training for sub 1.20!

Lessons learned:

Don’t go out too hard – fail
Don’t bring any shit that you might drop – fail
Triple knot the shoe laces – pass
Try to enjoy the hills – fail
Pose for the photographers – pass
Don’t spit in anyone’s face – pass


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  1. bigspend
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 20:44:46

    Fett bra sprunget! 1:10:10 nästa år då…

    Det ser ut som att du springer för Sjaktar Donetsk, respekt!


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