Bedford 10K

Today’s race was part of the Bedford/Bloomington training group’s program for the Indy half. Slept 4 1/2 hrs due to a late late evening in Indianapolis last night. Was pissed off with finding myself in this situation again, i.e. no sleep, no breakfast, and ginger beer in the evening. kinda ate crappy yesterday too. yes I love Jenn Shelton and how she used to prepare for races, but I’m not as hardcore as she seems to be. I enjoy sleeping 8 hrs and not drink mountain dew in absurdum come race day. ate a banana and some gel shots in the car. it was pouring down the rain when we started. a low key race, but with some usual suspects, e.g. Shiva, Ben, Ted and Oscar + another dude from the area which I hadn’t seen before. the unknown dude took off immediately and me, Oscar and Ted let him do so. First K at 3.32 and then for some reason my right shoe came untied. so I lost 15 seconds tying it again. must’ve been the rain. second K at 3.48, so I guess we kept a pretty good pace. Oscar dropped behind after 3 K’s, and me and Ted hammered two more K’s together at, what I wanted to run at, 3.36-ish pace. That would lead to a finish time of 36 mins. I pulled away from Ted before the turnaround and then it was solo running for the rest of the race. Realized that sub 36 wouldn’t be in my grasp so I tried to remain focused and see if I could still do sub 37. 2 K’s to go I watched my splits and saw that it’d indeed be feasible. Quads started to feel a bit tired but I thought of Kawauchi and that helped me a bit. Finished at 2nd place ( the unknown guy must’ve finished sub 35, I didn’t see him after 8K ) with 36.25 and was really happy with that. Pr with almost 80 seconds. Shows that sleeping is overrated, and that I was really tired in London last weekend, even though I hardly ran anything there. Coming up to this race I’d already done + 70K this week, so all is going really well for the moment.

Results can be found here


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