Serpentine 5K



Why London rules over New York City.

Got to run the last 5K of the month today in Hyde Park. Some 250 runners gathered at the Bandstand, and there wasn’t the slightest scent of smug in the air. Just jolly people. Paid 2 pounds for the race. So awesome! Had an English breakfast at 11 am and the race started at 12.30. I’ve felt guttered the whole week due to jet-lag and long days of work, and I hadn’t run much at all to be honest with you. At the same time I was excited to run my first race of the year and I really felt I’d have a chance to break 17. It’d been more than 4 months since I ran my last 5K, and the amount of training I’ve been able to put in has been really really good. However, most of my runs have been easy, and the quality workouts have all been about threshold training – 3.43 min/Km.  Anyway, the race starts and 4 guys take off at a good speed. I’m letting them go and decide to run according to my Garmin splits. First K at 3.18. A bit too fast, was aiming for 3.21 ( 16.45 finishing time ). So I decided to slow down a little. Turns out that I slowed down (probably not deliberately ) to 3.27 for the second K. Started to feel really bad, tired legs, deep breathing, headwind (ye ye I can hear you say, lame excuses for being a baroque “star”) so third K was 3.31, fourth 3.41. Realized that I had gone out way too fast. Got passed by a lot of runners, me, who usually never gets passed thanks to starting out slow! But this time I was on the other side. Finished last K at 3.30? and cross the finish line at 17.30, 21st place.

Really disappointed with the race at first, but now, 7 hrs after, I feel like it was sort of the best race that could’ve happen to me. New Klubbrekord with 10 seconds, in February, I didn’t feel sore anywhere and I paid 2 pounds for the race. You get good at what you train at. I am training for the marathon. 2 weeks ago I did a quality workout of 5-4-crap-2-1 K repeats, at 3.43, which felt  ‘easy’. 3.30 however is such a big difference! And starting out at 3.18, that really burned me out today. So, I learned a great lesson, for free ( since it was actually daddy Kurt who was nice to pay the 2 pounds for me ), and I also met 2 vegan runners who also finished the race. Nice folks. Photos will be posted soon. And yes, I’m so happy that I didn’t pay $40 to do the race in Central Park 3 weeks ago. NYRR are a bunch of outsuckers, the Serpentine Running Club rulez!


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