Weekly report


Tapering has begun.

East coast weekend.

Cody, Arab gal and Bob.









Sun 11/21 Marathon pace 19K on trail (4.46 min/k)

Mon 11/22 Easy 8K

Tues 11/23 Off

Wed 11/24 Easy 8K ( in cold rain on campus. really sweet. )

Thu 11/25 Warmup 2K, Race 5K , 17:59 ( 3.38 min/k ) cooldown 1K

Fri 11/26 Easy 8K

Sat 11/27 Easy 8K


Total: 59 K


I’m going back to Bloomington tomorrow so I’ll miss this band playing in Baltimore on Tuesday. Too bad!


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  1. bigspend
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 21:55:55

    Wow, vilken höjdarweekend (inte något felstavningsstreck på det order, lol) du verkar haft. Asfin hund och Bob måste ju vara skönast in the US, right? Se till att han kollar in Nordens stolthet på tisdag.


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