Weekly report and smuugthie recipe

First week with no race in a long time. Better weather and some nice trail running. Body feels in phase, even though I was dead tired on Thursday morning’s run.

Sun 11/14 Ran the final 30 K of the Tecumseh marathon course together with Ted, Doug, Wes, Matthew and Sandy. Beautiful course, quite technical and with a few very demanding hills ( Abborbacken kiss my Ab ), nice and easy pace.

Mon 11/15 With Indiana Running Group, Easy 8K + Parking lot repeats ( 2 x 800 m w/ constant incline, 2 x 800 m cooldown  )

Tue 11/16 Easy 11K

Wed 11/17 Warmup 4K – Pre’s track workout (48s off, 38s on (400 m)) x 4 + easy 4 min jog. Repeated 3 times, last mile was  @ 5.36 ( 3.28 min/K ) – cooldown 4K ( with Frank, Tim, Ted, Ben, Oscar, Rachel, Rick and Steph. They begin to believe in the bananas being the reason for me getting faster. I can only blame them, if you run with better runners all the time, you’ll end up increasing your speed…)

Thu 11/18 Easy 13K ( Tired like a dog first 5K )

Fri 11/19 Off

Sat 11/20 Warmup 3 K, Marathon pace 6K (4.00, 4.00, 3.59, 4.04, 4.01, 3.57), Cooldown 3 K

Total : 90K

And for good measure, here’s a post workout smuugie inspired by the Jerker.

1 ripe banana

Frozen blueberries



Coconut milk

Soy yoghurt

Hemp seeds


Udo’s oil

Raw honey


Mix in blender until smug.


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