Weekly report

A BADAb week.

Today was crazy.

YMCA in the morning. 10K. First 10K since the bang of easter. Finishing on 37.35. 5th? place. Happy! As Haile would’ve said, there’s no need in making excuses. The course ( as all courses in Bloomington ) was hilly, but you all know that by now…

Decided not to go to the Nationals at the IU cross country course, instead I went to Nashville, IN, with Frank and Amanda for 5K race.  Finished on 5th? place, at 18.55. Won a pair of Hoosier socks.

Sun 11/7 Off

Mon 11/8 am 2K easy, pm 13K easy

Tue 11/9 Trails at Paynetown, marathon pace, 16K.

Wed 11/10 am 6K easy, pm Warmup 4 K, Trackwork (400m fast, 400m recovery) x8 (85, 86, 79, 77, 75,76, 80, 77), Cooldown 5K

Thu 11/11 Easy 8K

Fri 11/12 Off

Sat 11/13 Warmup 3K race 10K Cooldown 3K, Warmup 1K race 5K.

Total: 78K

A nice speed work week. Probably not so much more quality like this before Tecumseh. Felt like crap in the beginning of the week but after yesterday’s rest and the two races today I feel very good. The weather has also been very good this week, my knees, ligaments and tendons really seem to like warmer weather.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bigspend
    Nov 13, 2010 @ 23:30:51

    Shit, två lopp på en dag är så jäkla hardcore.


  2. Mackan
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 15:15:07

    Ännu ett Klubbrekord! Grymt jobbat!
    Nästa steg är att köra tre lopp på en dag 🙂


  3. trash
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 18:28:19

    Tre lopp på en dag?!…Luxury! På åttiotalet sprang vi tre lopp innan uppvärmning och ytterligare tre innan nedjoggen och sedan tävlade vi tills vi somnade och om vi somnade blev vi väckta av coach som tvingade oss till startlinjen för ytterligare ett lopp.


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