Being in harmony or being smug?

Is the UK way much less smug than the US? After having watched and read the latest excellent posts by BS, and thinking about my future place where I would like to live in the future, I came across this short video shot for the English Vegan society. And it just made me wonder about smugness and guilty by association. Fiona Oakes, a reddish marathon runner, just being a real hardcore runner ( i.e. not like XXX )  and not giving us the eyes of Orden, really seems very congenial. Is it in her accent? Or that it is raining? Or Promoe’s soundtrack? Also pay attention to the smug dietician in the beginning. However, after having survived the beginning sequences, the British farmers really seem so antismug that I begin to feel reluctant to associate veganism ( the British way ) with smugness. I would love to see Trash develop his thoughts on the British smugness. I feel that BS did a gr8 job observing the generic ideas of smug through the raw clips, and I will try to make my best in providing you with the newest currents in the US smugness. However, mind you, the midwest isn’t very smug at all.


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  1. bigspend
    Nov 13, 2010 @ 23:23:11

    Oh lord, vilken sweet restaurang!


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