OPSF Half Marathon

Pitch black. Cold, 22 F. 6.30 a.m. Jillian picks me up. Off to race start. Register. Two dumps. Saying hello to Scott Breeden ( who eventually won the 50miler ).  Race starts 8 a.m. I think we are 20 people or something who are doing this fun-run. Take the lead. Feeling great. Just one dude right behind me, for the first 200 m. Shake him off.

Miss a right turn. Turn around. Dude again at my tail. Running. Pass guys from the 50K/Mile race. In cowboy hats. Feeling so awesome, leading the race. Feeling too awesome. After 2.5 miles, miss the marking, take a detour off course. End up at a parking lot. Wave to Jillian who sits in the car. Run back to the trail. Have lost at least 10 minutes. After 4-5 miles, see  the cowboy hat ahead of me. Know I’m in trouble.

Dude way ahead of me. I try to run like a Trash on a hill. Getting good support from the ultra guys (they’re always the best) ” Got lost? There’s only one half in front of you, and you’re going much faster!” Finally get the guy at 11K. The trail is packed dirt, hard gravel, covered with leaves. Not very soft. Very silence in the forest. No animals. Reminds me of Blair Witch. Run solo for 9 K, and then I get lost again. So poorly marked. Get angry with myself and the course. Want to stop. Hear the dude behind me, chatting with some other fellow. Take a shot and run straight through the non-marked area. Finally see the orange ribbon. However, the dude’s gaining momentum. And at 20K, I see him approaching me. So I thank the lord of Kuthulu and Cartman for giving me kudos. Think: I’ve got to fry this dude now, or it will be too late. Don’t care about the time or about my sore legs. Just want to see some road. After 23K ( the race was supposed to be 21.1, but I added, to the organizers delight, “free miles”) I finally hit the road, and kick my way through the finishing shoot. Windpipes hurt like hell from the cold air. But I’m happy, having finished in 1.54.

4.57 min/k pace has never felt so though. Hardly any flat parts at all. Not my type of race at all, and that makes it so more special to actually win it. Thanks to the club for all support, and Hammarbybacken-training.


10/31 Off

11/1 Easy 13K

11/2 Off

11/3 Cross country course Kenyan style 10K – 5.24, 4.59, 4.51, 4.47, 4.40, 4.11, 3.50, 3.45, 3.49, 3.43.

11/4 Easy 9K

11/5 Off

11/6 Race 23 K


Total: 55 K


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trash
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 23:17:54

    Grattis! ❤


  2. Mackan
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 17:12:51

    Alltid inspirerande att läsa dina weekly/race reports!


  3. bigspend
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 17:30:40

    Bra sprunget.

    Glad över din SP-referens, ser fram emot upplösningen på onsdag/torsdag.


  4. trash
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 20:55:44

    Det är jävligt SMUG att vinna fast man springer fel i typ 2 K. lol


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