Weekly report

Smug is really tired. Feels great somehow. Someone told me this week that training is about breaking down, so I’m in a pretty good phase. I really wonder how it would be to run 150K/week on a general basis. Would you always feel like crap? Is that the price one has to pay to get faster and stronger? No race this week, but still 2 good workouts. Next week hopefully a trail half marathon (my favourite distance!) and the week after a 10K race.

Sun 10/24 off ( Daddy came over with my new 11c baroque lute and we had a huge brunch)

Mon 10/25 Easy 7K

Tue 10/26 Easy 16K (with 6 K marathon pace)

Wed 10/27 Colorado Fartlek (12x90s @ 3.30 speed, 45 s rest between), Warmup & cooldown, 9K total

Thu 10/28 Easy 12K

Fri 10/29 Easy 11K

Sat 10/30 Warmup 3K –  Threshold pace 4 K (3.52) – Cooldown 3K

Total: 64K


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