Weekly race/report

 Frank Dunn (2nd), Scott Breeden (1st), Smug (3rd)

Since I promised never to do a 5K again, I’ve done three. Or four. Lost counting. Had a bad day at school yesterday so out of frustration I decided to go to Mooresville with Frank “the tank” Dunn, Amanda and Scott Breeden. Those guys are the least smug ones on the planet. Really nice fellows. Scott grew up in Oregon, and went to the store in Ashland when it opened for the first time. So he’s met all the guys. And he runs 100-mile races. At 20 yrs of age. In Indiana, the Mag 7 series is a ongoing series in which you can basically race every weekend. Most often one race, sometimes 3 races on the same day. Mr Dunn leads the series, at age 46, and looks unbeatable at this stage. Come Saturday morning, and he picks me up in his Hummer. We pick up Scott and take off to the course. During the car ride the guys teased me about my GPS watch, so I decided not to use it. Having become such a reliable source, I found it extremely hard to run without it. Off we went, and the two guys take a lead (Scott usually runs low 16 on the 5K, Frank low 17), me finding myself in nowmansland. Up until 30 m from the finish line, when I turn around and see guy who has been sneaking up to me!! Adrenalin shock! With a kick which I didn’t know I had, I managed to get the 3rd place overall, with a decent 18.14. Legs felt in extraordinary good shape afterwards,  I just need to work on cardio to boost up the v2Omaxsmug rate.

Weekly totals:

10/10 Half marathon, 21 K + 1 K cooldown

10/11 Easy 2K

10/12 Easy 13K (4K on trails)

10/13 Easy 9K (cross country course)

10/14 Easy 11K (4K  marathon pace)

10/15 Easy 2K

10/16 Race 5K ( with 3K warmup, 3K cooldown)

Total: 70K

A good week with lots of soft surface running.


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  1. trash
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 12:02:04

    Det är så jävla nice att du direkt hamnat i löparsmeten med folk som känner Rogue Valley-gänget. Tänk vad en hobby/intresse gör för mänskliga möten på nya platser.


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