So I finally got to run some of the famous trails here in Monroe County. This morning I was picked up by Ben and Steph, and we took off to the Tecumseh trail ( I’ve just signed up for the Tecumseh trail marathon in December ). The morning was beautiful and we met up with a group of ppl from the training group. 7.45 we were off and in my small group was just Ben, me and another nice guy which I can’t remember the name off. Since Ben is a very accomplished runner ( like Uffe more or less ), the pace that we took off was just… way too fast. But I didn’t say anything, and tried to keep up with them. It went fine, except for the uphills. I just don’t have that strength, something I know from RBT that Trash has. The scenery was fantastic, I’d brought a camera, and was planning on taking photos, but then I realized during the run how much running for me is about being in the present. After all the smug posts I’ve put up here on the blog, I came to the conclusion that I so much more prefer to run without thinking of what I should add or not add to the site. I can just say, to let you know, that the trails I ran today were probably the finest I’ve ever run. Soft, single track, lots of up/down-hills, huge trees, wonderful greenish foliage about to turn yellow/red at any given day, wild deer. Just perfect. I also wanted to try to eat during the run, and that went well, save the last gel. Two miles from the end, I grabbed a gel, started to eat, and hit a huge root. I was down. Hopefully nothing got injured, but it sure hurt pretty badly.

post work-out.

Weekly totals:

9/26 Easy 16K

9/27 Easy 14K – including trails and marathon pace last 4K

9/28 Easy 10K

9/29 Warm-up 4K, Yasoos; 8×600 with 200m recovery -2.00, 2.00, 2.03?, 2.02, 2.04, 2.05, 2.03, 1.59, Cool-down 3K

9/30 Easy 11K

10/1 Easy 5K

10/2 Marathon pace 17K on trails.

Total: 85K


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  1. bigspend
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 11:13:05

    Man, must’ve been a nasty fall, I’ve never seen you so sad in my life… *kramiz*


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