Building speed

So I remember me saying to myself last weekend, never a 5K race again unless it’s for a good cause. Yesterday I signed up for two 5K-races, on the same day( i.e. today!). So Oscar picked me up at 6.50, and we took off to Mitchell, south Indiana, to run the race at the Persimmon festival. Some 300 runners I believe had or signed up for the race at the spot, and the usual suspects from Bloomington – Frank, Scott, Tim and Oscar all seemed pretty confident, knowing that this was to be a fast course. I had a banana for breakfast, and didn’t eat anything after 6 p.m. last night (Tim van Orden does the same…) so my stomache was not in uproar.

And at 8.40, off we went. I’d learned from last weekend that rushing in the beginning is not the way to accomplish new PB’s. So I went for a more mellow approach, thus allowing me to feel that I had something left come the 2 mile mark. Needless I must say that after 3 K I felt like shit. I watched my Garmin and saw that I was slowing down. Thoughts started to bugger me, saying – this is gonna be even slower than last week, the guy behind you that pants like Aila on a fast run is gonna pass you at any moment, I still feel that I’m overtrained, ah, I have a cold etc… this week has been easy so I wasn’t really sure about my form. At to this a general feeling that I had some sort of a cold after last race, my expectations dropped significally. Somehow – and I really don’t understand how – I managed to pull myself together, like Gary in Team America, and instead of losing everything I did a really strong finish, and was not passed by the guy behind me. I finished today on 17.58, which is a minute faster than last week, and Parloppet too for that matter.  A nice 6th place. It’s really true, the speed work, quality runs I did two weeks ago are now paying off. Which means that this session will enhance my chances to go for klubbrekordet in the upcoming Towpath half marathon the coming 10th of October.

After the race I ate smug stuff, smoothie, grape fruit, tomato, a larabar and drank some water. We took off to Ellettsville and did another 5 K there at 11 p.m. Finished on 19.06, on a quite hilly course. I am happy with that.

And the usual weekly totals ( hope you don’t mind me being smug posting them here) :

9/19  Off

9/20 – 13K easy

9/21 – 6K easy

9/22 – off

9/23 – 11K easy/marathon pace

9/24 – off

9/25 – 17K ( 3 warmup – 5 race – 1 cooldown + 1 warmup – 5 race – 2 cooldown)

Total: 47 K


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trash
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 20:51:41

    🙂 Had the same negative thoughts during LidingöLoppet today. But I didn’t pull together like you.I just slowed down and willingly took defeat.


  2. smugrunners
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 21:21:31

    haha, “le vittorie sono come dei sogni mentre le sconfitte la realtà” – marco olmo


  3. Mackan
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 22:03:16

    You seem to be in awesome shape. I think that my klubbrekord at the half marathon will be smashed the 10th of october. Good luck!


  4. bigspend
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 22:23:41

    Jaha, är det som gäller nu, ett lopp räcker alltså inte. Raising the stakes, freindo…

    Only thing that would bug me, would be seeing smug losing his smug.


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