Hoosiers outrun cancer 5K

Just got back from the biggest race in B-ton, this 5K draws thousands of runners/walkers every year. In the 5K run I think we were around 1000 participants, maybe more, who completed the race, all to fundraise thousands of dollars for cancer research and treatment. It’s a 27 $ fee for registration, a sum I would usually not pay for a 5K race, but for a good cause I thought, what the hell…
so I prepared myself as usual, taking Friday off, eating crap food – I always end up eating poorly prior to short races!
woke up at 8 a.m, ran 3K to the start area, found my bib number (955) on a wall and went to pick up my tag. The guy in front of me picks up that very same tag. I thought, hmm, did I not read carefully that that was my number? the guy disappears, I run back to the wall, screen my name again, and oh yes, 955 is indeed my number. Luckily I see the guy, approach him, ask him whether it is actually his or mine. We both go back to the wall and find out that his name is Tim Anderson, and his number is 1047. So I have my correct bib, and I’m off to the loo. as always, eating lots of fried food the day before (falafel and fried pita bread) as well as fatty foods like nuts and seeds (larabars) makes me wanna go to the bathroom 3 times before the race. not very smug or smart. outside the memorial stadium, a guy speaks in a microphone, very intense, that we could have ” stayed home, eat brunch, watch cartoon, but no, you chose to pay the fee, you chose to come here, and you chose to OUTRUN CANCER!” Together with that, a high school brass band played pop tunes. Another guy sang a song very much like “everyone has aids”, except he’s actually serious and sang about cancer. So I took it pretty easy. Met some people I know from the running groups, the early music department, but basically I just rested. 30 minutes come start, I start to do my 2nd warmup of the day. After a kilometer, I feel it’s time for the bathroom again. Watching Ricky Gervais last night on youtube ranting about public toilets made me feel very.. ok.
Lined up for the race, and as I was wearing my vegan singlet, a guy says ” ah, so I guess you’re a vegan? me too” And that was about it. Next time I’m going for the burka.
Start’s off, and approx. 50 runners take off at a ridiculous speed. Most of them being 12 yrs old, I feel alright. Temperature at this time is probably around 28 degrees celsius. Too hot for me. So we run, up a hill (Bloomington is all about hills, really) and I pass most of them minors. Seeing my fellow Oscar being 50 meters ahead of me (he was aiming for sub 18), I feel confident. First K on garmin, 3.37. Second K, a bit more flat, still feeling good, 3.42. First one always tend to be to fast. 3rd K, with an awful hill up 10th street up to Jordan ave, 4.04. That’s alright. Get passed on the uphills by runners, but I pass them on the flat parts. 4th K, 3.30. At this stage, I said to myself, you’re good, only 3 and a half minutes left. So I’m passed by the best female runner of the day, and a 12 yrs old kid. Final K on 3.41. Which is in total 18.35. Although, as all you smugs out there already know, 5K on a garmin isn’t the same as a 5K race. Finished on 18.56 ( I think ) probably among the 20 first runners. Which is only 2 seconds faster than parloppet. And I’m in so much better shape now. I thought. I guess i’m in the same situation as Thrash. We better put our hope into BS for some awesome PB’s from now on. Winner’s finishing time was 17.26, so I guess I should be happy with my time. Hopefully this was my last 5K. But I always say that. But really, what’s the point of running so hard, for such a short time, and actually have to pay for it? I assume that charity races are cool though. They make a great difference for many people.
Post race was fun. A girl crossed the finish line a couple of minutes after me, and puked behind the car next to where I was standing. I gave her my water. Such a smug.

And, the weekly totals:

9/12 Easy 24K
9/13 Easy 10K
9/14 3K warmup – 4x1200m @ 3.40 min/K pace – 3 K cooldown
9/15 Easy 7K + 15 min core e-cises
9/16 Easy 12K ( including 2K @ marathon pace )
9/17 Off
9/18 Race 5K + 4K warm-up & 3K cooldown.

Total: 76K

Tomorrow, hopefully a ~20 mile trail run on the Tecumseh trail…

post-comment. Official time : 18.58. The exact same time as on Parloppet. And me thinking I was in such a shape. Ha!


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