IU Open XC meet birthday gift


Indiana University Track & Field                                   HY-TEK’s Meet Manager

                           Indiana University Open – 9/11/2010

                         Indiana University Cross Country Course

                                  Last Completed Event                                  

Men 8k Run CC

      Comp#  Name                            School                           Time Points


    1   658  Jefferson, Sean                 Unattached                   25:17.99

    2   643  Hubers, Ben                     Indiana University           25:30.50

    3   640  Bayer, Andrew                   Indiana University           25:30.83

    4   647  Poore, Andrew                   Indiana University           25:31.16

    5   650  Turner, Desean                  Indiana University           25:31.69

    6   646  Morrow, Nate                    Indiana University           25:32.18

    7   645  Mayhew, Zachary                 Indiana University           25:32.63

    8   651  Weatherford, Andy               Indiana University           25:38.39

    9   659  Laird, Jacob                    Unattached                   25:44.11

   10   657  Hardacre, Cole                  Unattached                   25:48.09

   11   641  Bizuneh, Benyam                 Indiana University           25:49.49

   12   642  Holahan, Joseph                 Indiana University           26:18.13

   13   655  Esselink, Evan                  Unattached                   26:27.43

   14   648  Shimizu, Yoshi                  Indiana University           26:30.04

   15   660  O’Herren, William               Unattached                   26:35.24

   16   649  Stockberger, Daniel             Indiana University           26:40.06

   17   661  Ricker, JR                      Unattached                   26:47.26

   18   656  Fife, Nolan                     Unattached                   27:04.59

   19   623  Wells, Ryan                     Indiana Univ. Running Clu    27:14.54

   20   644  Kleber, Robby                   Indiana University           27:35.95

   21   618  Nussa, Michael                  Indiana Univ. Running Clu    28:00.49

   22   621  Spanbauer, Dustin               Indiana Univ. Running Clu    28:29.06

   23   622  Van Arkel, Matt                 Indiana Univ. Running Clu    28:38.92

   24   617  Murphy, Kevin                   Indiana Univ. Running Clu    29:09.24

   25   614  Cody, Mike                      Indiana Univ. Running Clu    30:25.10

   26   663  Zeman, Ben                      Univ. of Illinolis Track     30:32.11

   27   611  Anderson, Magnus       Indiana Univ. Running Clu   32:24.01

One of the best races ever for Smug. He stayed up late last night, ate lots of junk food, went to Mother Bear’s Pizza @ 10 p.m, discussed afroamerican litterature with this awesome girl and two friends of mine. Drank Mountain Dew. Felt like a true Smug! This morning thunder and rain – rain for the first time in like 40 days here. Race started at 10 a.m, and the start is 5 K from the house. 9.15 Smug gets asked by his very kind landlady if he would like to be driven to the course. Yes thanks. At the start area, lots of nice looking college runners. Smug realizes that the chance for him to finish last is very big. This gives him the extra boost of confidence which he needs. So the start is on, and Smug finds himself last. He wants to keep a steady 4.00 min/ K pace for the whole race, since it is a  very hilly and this day a bit spungy course he feels that keeping that pace would be like aiming for sub 39, maybe 38 on a flat 10 K course. So he sticks to the plan. All the other runners take off, and Smug thinks; well, maybe at least one of them will hit the wall. uh-uh. After 5 K in no man’s land (save the golf car that drove behind Smug for the whole race) Smug feels almost like he has to take a dump. That spark made Smug take it a little bit easy for a couple of meters, to be able to make a strong finish. According to his smug Garmin watch, Smug kept an exact 4.00 tempo throughout the race. The problem with smug watches and Smug’s inexperience as a cross country runner is that Smug and his watch took a little bit longer course than the actual 8 K. Thus the finishing time of 32.24. After that, a solid nice 5K cooldown back home. Feels very good in legs, and Smug is happy that he’s now officially finished last in a race. What a way to celebrate Trash’s birthday. This one was for you, Trash!

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and btw, this was too funny not to be posted.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trash
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 19:33:19

    🙂 Thanks for this awesome gift. Finally a proper DFL for the club records and a well written race report. I’m also happy to report that we have a new club record for the 1/2 marathon. 1:26 something.


  2. bigspend
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 00:58:07

    Amazing race and report, Smug.

    Fantastiskt löpt, Marcus.

    Sjuk match, Novak.

    Synd på stolpen, Zlatan.

    Och lol@pic.


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